Gifted Young Artists is an org. whereby young artists can showcase their talent in professional concerts. These concerts will simultaneously act as fund-raising vehicles for various needy causes such as children’s hospitals, cancer centers and a variety of other beneficent organizations. The young artists and performers will then reach out into the community to bring their artistry to the hospitals and charities that will receive donations. The artists will be encouraged to form a bond with the hospital or center they visit so that they can regularly visit with patients and be able to present more informal performances throughout the year.

Performers selected to take part in concerts will be required to visit and perform at the centers and hospitals that will benefit from each concert. This will serve those in the community that could normally not see these artists in concert. The young artists will also learn the importance of giving back to the communities in which they reside. They will use their artistic gifts in the future to benefit these local hospitals and charities both financially and artistically.

Each concert will feature a guest artist who will work with the young artists to help them foster their careers. The guest artists will also be encouraged to visit the local charity that will benefit from the concerts. Eventually, international artists from the theater and music world will be invited to work with the young artists.

Funds for this foundation will be raised through donations from local business and individuals from areas where each concert will take place. Private fundraising concerts, featuring the young artists, will also be held to assist raising funds for the hospitals and concert production costs.

A portion of ticket sales from each concert will also be donated to each charitable cause as well. When budgets are exceeded, Gifted Young Artists hopes to be able to offer summer music courses in rural areas to gifted and talented young artists where they can work with the top professionals from the USA as well as other countries in the world of music and theater.

In addition, funds will also be donated to smaller charities associated with the arts in each area where concerts are to take place and to other concert series that foster the careers of young artists. Gifted Young Artists also hopes to work with local schools to present programs featuring our young artists to teach young music and theater students the importance of using their artistic talents as a way to reach out to those less fortunate.

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